Police: Suspect shot charging at Louisa deputy

Police: Suspect shot charging at Louisa deputy

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - A Louisa deputy opened fire on a man who investigators say charged at the deputy.

State police quickly arrived in Louisa after being asked to take over the case, which is standard protocol when an officer from a local jurisdiction opens fire while on the job.

Monday afternoon, a wrecker hauled away a mangled red Cadillac from Route 676 in Louisa County. Across the road, you could see the yellow crime tape left behind from the commotion not far from Kandice Baugh's home.

"People are asking me what all I know. I say 'I don't know. I'm staying down in my hole today until I find out something'," Baugh said.

She moved here nearly a decade ago for the calm of the rural neighborhood.

"Very peaceful. Probably the most peaceful road you can live on," said Baugh.

At 3 a.m. Monday, that calm was interrupted, and it all began with a car crash.

Investigators say when the deputy stopped to help the man in the car, he wasn't having it. He got out of his car and ran right into the woods.

Eventually, the deputy caught up with him and things took a violent turn. Police say the driver charged at the deputy, causing the officer to open fire.

"Oh…I don't like that. The only guns you hear around here are at hunting season," Baugh said, startled after NBC 12 told her what happened.

Monday, VDOT closed the road so police could examine the scene as search dogs scoured the area looking for clues.

"I can't tell you at all why someone would do that. I don't know. I have no reason to fear the police," Baugh said.

As state police sort out both sides of the story, a neighborhood is left startled it all happened so close to home.

"This is Mayberry. Everyone here is perfect," she said.

The man who had to go to the hospital is expected to be fine. The deputy involved in the shooting was not hurt. At this time, there's no word on if his job is being impacted.

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