NBC12 VIEWPOINT: A Christmas Story

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: A Christmas Story

By: Kym Grinnage email

I have always loved Christmas as far as I can remember. I will admit that when I was a little boy, it was all about me!! What would I get, what would I like, and what wouldn't like. It was the most anticipated day of the year, and it was the beginning of life-long memories.

My message is simple, thank you to all of you who still remember how important Christmas is to children. It's not really just about the presents, or the anticipation of Santa Claus, but it's about making sure that children feel loved.

We learn how to love and give, by being loved and by giving and receiving.

I just want to also say a special thank you to all of Santa's Elves: the individuals, organizations, churches and groups who have worked hard to make sure that as many children as they could reach will have a memorable Christmas day. Yes, it's just one day, but it's a very special day.

And, of course for many, this is the holiest of all holy days.

From all of your friends here at NBC12, Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!!

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