Couple adopts little girl who 'needed to feel love'

Couple adopts little girl who 'needed to feel love'

(WWBT) - Love comes from all kinds of places.

One day, Kate and her significant other received a voicemail that said, "There's a little girl in the NICU who needs to feel love. Can you show up?"

The couple was by little Ingrid's side a few hours later and were committed to love her for as long as she needed.

Kate already had a four-year-old, a two-year-old, as well as a foster son, who was two months old at the time. However, Kate realized Ingrid, who was five days old at the time, would need an adoptive family.

The couple was hopeful and decided to take on two newborns at the time. Ingrid was adopted on Nov. 10, 2016.

Their foster son is still with them, heading towards adoption. Kate says Ingrid and their foster son are like "twins at heart."

"Ingrid has fought hard to meet her milestones and we are so proud to share that our little girl is walking and thriving! We recommend fostering and adopting through foster care to everyone who is willing to listen," Kate said on the Facebook page Together We Rise.

"Our best advice is to live in the moment and show love to your foster children, breathe, ask for and accept help, be objective and open to all possibilities, be an advocate for the child's best interest," she added.

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