RVA PARENTING: Watch your teens' social media posts over winter break

(WWBT) - If you have teens, here's an important word of warning from our social media experts: your kids will be posting every move on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more over winter break.

You may want to track that activity.

"One of the things you want to watch for is idle time," said Marcy Williams with Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth.

"When youth are home during the holidays, a lot of times they get bored, they don't have a lot to do. So they spend a lot more time on social media talking about things they want to buy, things they want to do, but also talking to people they wouldn't normally have conversations with."

Williams suggests structuring a holiday break with family, church, or community activities. Make a plan for your kids and how they'll spend their time.

If they go shopping, warn them not to post their every move.

"When you talk about that online you have given the criminal access to your home," said Williams. "Oh, I'm going to Regency Mall and then I'm going to dinner and then I'm going to get ice cream. Well, that's about 5 hours outside your house. If anyone wanted to rob you, they could because you've given them a time frame."

And once Christmas gifts have been given, watch what your kid posts.

While they'll be excited to share their new gifts, the crooks will be excited to take them.

"You don't want to advertise that you got five new pairs of sneakers. And you got all this money from grandma and grandpa and you're taking pictures of it and you're putting it all over the place."

Williams says keep the safety conversations going with your kids. And be aware of when, where, and how often kids are posting.

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