RVA Parenting: Richmond-area moms invent portable changing station

RVA Parenting: Richmond-area moms invent portable changing station

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Have you ever been holding a child with a dirty diaper and had nowhere to change that child?

Well, two Richmond-area moms of twins came up with a solution, the clean changing table you can never find, but always need, especially when you really really need to change that diaper. And you can use it anywhere.

The idea was born like many are, after several frustrating moments.

"And we went to change the boys in the womens' restroom and there were no changing stations," remembered Brenda Moosa, one of the co-owners and founders of Baby Change-N-Go. "So we ended up changing them on the concrete floor. We did not have a blanket with us, so we were left just putting them on the floor. And we were like, there's got to be something!"

But as much as Brenda and her wife searched for the answer, they came up empty-handed.

"So we drew it on an envelope," said Moosa. "Got home, stuck it in a drawer, and thought, 'We have twins. Who in the world is going to have time to do this? How much money is it going to cost? How much time is it going to take? We're both full-time employed.'"

But as time passed, still without a solution, they got the push to try their idea out. After lessons in legalese and copyrights and business plans, Brenda's family made the jump and never looked back. The moms did the research and the kids did the testing.

"They were some of our best testers of all the prototypes," said Moosa.

And the answer was a $100 portable changing table. It folds up into a small size and weighs just a few pounds.

"Our hope is that they have a safe, private, portable option that's clean, that's theirs and dads. It's time dads had an option!" said Moosa.

You can buy the product online. The moms say they have already been wildly popular.

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