On Your Side: Woman says she was swindled by psychic in Henrico

On Your Side: Woman says she was swindled by psychic in Henrico

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - 22-year-old Brittany Toth says an abusive and isolated childhood left her book smart but extremely vulnerable.

She's currently being treated for depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

"I've always been very kinda starved for love in a lot of ways because of my upbringing," Toth said.

Over the summer she met a guy who she fell for quickly.  During a visit at his home she says he gave her a drink and after that she doesn't remember much.

"And then I woke up the next day upstairs," Toth said. "I just didn't want to think that that person had done anything to me I really didn't want to think that because I really did care about this person."

Desperate for answers, Toth called the number she saw on a sign for West End Psychic and began meeting with a woman named Sherry Williams.

"She said that this person hadn't done anything to me that he actually loved me a lot. He was just confused about a situation and that she could do a love candle for $190," Toth said.  "She told me that I needed a gold tabernacle for $2,000 and she said that I had a dark spirit about me. So she really got me convinced and very paranoid and she got me to stop taking my medication she said you just need to rely on God."

Meanwhile she says the psychic's services grew increasingly more expensive.

Here are text messages Toth shared with NBC12 where Williams allegedly requested money for expensive meditation candles that would be used to release a spirit of suicide over the life of her ex-boyfriend:

"I need more candles" the psychic said.

To meet the financial demand Toth says she got a cash advance on her credit card, withdrew money from her checking account, bought gift cards with Macy's and Kohl's store cards that she obtained for the psychic, and took the fortune teller on a shopping spree for her children at Children's Place.

All said and done, she says she gave the psychic about $4,000 in cash and merchandise.

When the psychic's promised reconciliation with her boyfriend and decreased anxiety were not coming to pass and Toth started questioning her, she says that's when all communication ended.

"And then when I called her number and I got the automated voicemail instead of her voicemail with her voice and her recording I was like 'oh my God she's blocked me,'" Toth said.

On Your Side Investigator Eric Philips tried reaching Sherry Williams.

By phone she told him she has no idea who Toth was before they got disconnected. He called back, no answer. His text message went unreturned. He went to her home but no one came to the door. He also went to her storefront, also no answer.  He called the number on the sign but the psychic claimed to she was too busy to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Toth who is now back on her meds, is more stable and facing mounting debt.

"I think what she does is disgusting because not only is she stealing from people she's taking advantage of their weaknesses and she's pretending to do this through God," Toth said.

Williams finally called Philips back shortly before this story was to be published. She denied convincing Toth to stop taking her medication and said Toth gave her a different name during their sessions, although text messages reveal Williams addressing Toth by name.

12 On Your Side checked with the Better Business Bureau and there were no complaints against this business on file.  We also learned there's no business license on file, but in Henrico psychics are not required to have one and there's no real regulatory agency.

Also, it's important to note there are no charges against Williams related to this situation.

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