RESTAURANT REPORT: Meats on buffet not kept hot enough

RESTAURANT REPORT: Meats on buffet not kept hot enough

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Beef and chicken sitting on the buffet at temperatures that aren't safe -- that's what inspectors say they found at a popular Henrico restaurant.

One of the challenges for restaurants with a buffet is keeping foods at proper temperatures, or tracking the time to make sure they're not sitting out longer than four hours.

That was a violation at Amanecer Latino Market at 9301 Quioccasin Road in Henrico. In all, it had five priority violations, three priority foundation, and two core violations.

The report says beef on the buffet was 120 degrees, and chicken was only 103. Hot foods must be kept at least 135 degrees or they have to be thrown out after four hours, which the inspector discussed with them.

The report shows the beef and chicken were reheated. Other problems were also corrected on the spot, including a container of lettuce sitting in water on the floor, and salsa sitting at 50 degrees on the counter.  Amanecer declined comment.

Up next is Sushi King Richmond at 9111 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield, with three priority violations, one priority foundation, and five core violations. The inspector noted there were dirty knives and utensils on the magnetic strip in the kitchen, and told them to take the wording "White Tuna" off the Escolar listing on the menu. That's because Escolar has a high wax ester that can make some people sick.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to TGI Friday's at 13140 Rittenhouse Drive in Chesterfield, where it's always Friday and inspectors say, always clean. Staff showed us how they aced three health inspections by performing line checks four times a day.

Brian showed us the steps, explaining, "Just taking basic temperatures of everything that we have in the restaurant. So thermometers, we have a couple here. Make sure everything is sanitized."

General Manager Kurt Kuhnle credits the staff.

"They're the ones that that do it. They have a lot of pride. They work day in and day out to make sure that we're doing what we can to take care of the guests," said Kuhnle.

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