Driver charged after hitting Henrico student in front of school

Driver charged after hitting Henrico student in front of school
Source: NBC12
Source: NBC12

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico police and fire say a Moody Middle School student was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road in front of the school Monday morning.

The driver, 67-year-old Nenita Estrera, is now facing a charge of reckless driving.

Police say the child was in the crosswalk and was crossing the street to the school when that child was hit. Until the holiday break, you can expect to see more officers patrolling this stretch of road.

The damage to Estrera's car is significant. The windshield is shattered and there is a large dent on the hood. Police say she was traveling south on Woodman Road around 8 a.m. when the Moody Middle School student was hit. That's five minutes before the school zone lights are turned on, turning the road from a 35 mph zone to a 25 mph zone.

The child was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

A message went out to parents, like Melody Thorpe, about the child.

"[It said] he had been taken to the hospital and that he was conscious and alert when they took him," said Thorpe.

Thorpe lives across from the school and says for years, parents have complained about people speeding in front of the school.

"Unfortunately, I knew this was going to happen," she said.

Thorpe knows first hand of the danger because her son is also a student at Moody.

"My son is disabled. He's in a scooter and they don't even stop for him," she said. "I walk him and I get him every day because there's no way I want him crossing that road without me."

Other neighbors say speed on Woodman Road is a huge problem.

"I'd like them to have somebody out there. A crossing guard. That would be helpful," says Suzanne Slingerland, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than four decades.

Thorpe says other parents have complained.

"The county said they don't put crossing guards at middle schools, and they came and repainted the crosswalk," she said.

Thorpe says she doesn't believe the crosswalk is working. Now that a child has been run over while crossing here, neighbors say they fear the worst.

"Until somebody is killed, they're not going to put a light down here," says Slingerland.

Henrico Police say they received a speeding complaint during Spring 2016. Police say they investigated for 30 days and issued one speeding ticket. In total for this year so far, police say 15 summonses, including 12 for speeding, have been issued for this stretch of Woodman Road.

NBC12 took the complaints to Henrico Board of Supervisor for the Brookland district Dick Glover. He says if anyone has complaints, contact him at

Parents at Moody Middle School may see more officers patrolling the area when they drop their students off Tuesday morning.

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