Save money by knowing which products are cheaper closer to Christmas

Save money by knowing which products are cheaper closer to Christmas

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you missed out on Black Friday or Cyber week, that's okay! There are still amazing deals - you just have to know which days to shop.

The two weeks before Christmas offer some of the lowest prices you'll see all year.

"A lot of the times the deals and prices are quite a bit better than Black Friday," says consumer expert Kyle James.

He runs and analyzed 13 years of sales and coupons.

He explains, "We can find these patterns" to determine the absolute best days to shop to maximize your savings.

Those savings start Dec. 12. Kyle says get your specialty gifts and stocking stuffers that Monday.

Dec. 13 is when retailers traditionally offer huge markdowns on laptops and jewelry.

"You can save a huge chunk of change by waiting," said Kyle.

The 14th is when Kyle has seen the biggest price drops for tools and gaming consoles.

Toys are big on many of our lists. Kyle predicts the best prices 10 days before Christmas, on the 15th.

"Retailers are starting to feel the pinch... They always start to mark stuff down and offer coupons and discounts as we get closer to Christmas," Kyle says.

Friday, Dec. 16 will be on everyone's radar - it's Free Shipping Day.

His research shows, "We always see our best apparel and shoe coupons right on that date as well."

Free Shipping Day is also one of the cheapest days to score kitchen appliances and gadgets.

"A lot of times, it pays to wait." Kyle says.

If you're scouting a good deal on TVs, expect bigger discounts next weekend - but only if it's for a gift. The prices will fall even further next month, so if it's for you, it may pay to wait a few weeks.

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