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Chesterfield family says pony was killed by dogs; dog owner now charged

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A dog owner is now facing charges after a Chesterfield family says their pony was viciously attacked and killed by two Rottweilers.

For more than 30 years, the Richardson family has lived peacefully in Chesterfield with their miniature horse Patches.

At 34 years old, Patches was in good health, with vets saying she could live to be 40 years old.

Wednesday morning, Michael Richardson says he heard barking outside, looked out and saw two Rottweilers that looked about 80 pounds each, attacking Patches.

Police and Animal Care and Control were called to the Richardson's home, and they say police took the dogs but did shoot one of them.

Tonight the family is hoping justice is served and the owners of the dogs face consequences. 

"She was trying to get free but couldn't," said Richardson.

It was a morning of terror as Richardson helplessly watched his miniature pony Patches fight for her life.

"I heard barking, came outside, and Rottweilers were attacking her head," said Richardson. "I made it out close to the fence with a baseball bat, then I took one look, they looked at me and I thought no..."

Patches eventually lost her battle against the Rottweilers.

"They just laid there on each side of the pony, they would feel an itch and go attack the pony again," said Richardson.

In the very place she called home for almost 30 years.

"She was a good family pet, hate to see her go that way," said Richardson.

Her name came from her white coat and black spots. She spent her days with plenty of energy.

"Jump up in the air and come down and land on all fours, boom, athletic, she was that old but she was in good shape," said Richardson.

But the two large dogs were just too much. Neighbors say their attack on Patches is not their first.

"They attacked some chickens down there a week ago," said Richardson.

Richardson never expected his family pet would be their next victim. He says police actually shot one of the dogs before taking them both away.

"I just want the people who own the dog to be penalized, in whatever way the law decides," said Richardson. "They created a problem, hurt a lot of people."

Losing her so tragically has left their family heartbroken.

"I know it's just an animal, but after 30-something years, it becomes more than just an animal."

The owner of the dog now faces eight charges, four for each dog: depredation by dog, dog running at large, no rabies verification and no dog license.

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