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Lakeside residents concerned after string of home break-ins

Residents in Lakeside are concerned after several homes were broken into this month. (Source: NBC12) Residents in Lakeside are concerned after several homes were broken into this month. (Source: NBC12)

The Henrico Police Department is investigating a series of home break-ins in Lakeside.

Just this month police say there have been three break-ins:

  • Nov. 7 in the 2900 block of Kenwood Avenue
  • Nov. 14 in the 2800 block of Maplewood Road
  • Nov. 15 in the 2600 block of Hilliard Road

Residents of the area say they’ve also had issues with car larcenies as well. 

Martha Coulter says normally, she feels really safe walking dogs around her Lakeside neighborhood.

"I don't worry!" she said. "I walk him out in the middle of the night, I don't think about it."

But she says after somebody broke into her neighbor's house on Maplewood Road a little over a week ago, she is now more alert.

"He said he got home and he couldn't find his Tablet," she said. "Then he looked around a little more and stuff was moved, and he could't find his Xbox. It was gone."

Henrico Police say in the last month, there were three residential burglaries. There were also two commercial burglaries and one tool shed burglary.

According to police, the first break-in this month happened on Nov. 7 at a home in the 2900 block of Kenwood Avenue. Police say a neighbor's called saying that the home's back door was open and somebody broke in.

Maplewood Road was the sight of the next break-in on Nov. 14. Police say electronics were stolen.

The very next day, police say a television was stolen from a home on Hilliard Road. The homes are within a mile of each other.

"I lock every door," says Jerry White. "I lock the cars that's probably the best thing you can do."

White says he's checking the Lakeside neighborhood Facebook pages daily. He says there's a new post about car larcenies or home break-ins at least once a week.

White says some neighbors want to do something about it.

"There's a sense of community here and people are trying to stay on top of that, people are trying to form a community watch," he said.

Police say they are increasing patrols, and it's not clear if the crimes are related.

In a statement HPD said:

We continue to employ various tactics and strategies to address crime in Henrico County including increased patrols. We have also reached out to community groups to make them aware of crime in their communities and have suggested preventative measures that can be incorporated to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. 

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