RVA Parenting: Company designs 'car seat safe' coat for kids

RVA Parenting: Company designs 'car seat safe' coat for kids

(WWBT) - There are reports of puffy coats that can put your child's life on the line. Now, one couple has designed a coat to keep your child safer, and we're putting it to the test in this week's RVA Parenting.

When you're putting precious cargo in the car, there's no question that safety is a top priority.

However, recent reports have raised concerns about just how safe your child is when wearing a winter coat. It's a concern that alarmed coat-makers at OneKid.

"We watched the Today Show on NBC and there was a segment on the Rossen Report about the dangers of puffy winter coats in car seats," said Sabine Beysel, with OneKid.

"We really had a horror moment!" said Eric Autard, also with OneKid. "An ah ha moment. We looked at it and we said, 'Oh my God! We have to address this.'"

They started their journey to develop this coat: the Road Coat. It is specifically designed to make your kid safer, and warmer, in a car seat.

They split the collar so the straps sit right against the child's shoulders. Then, they changed the front of the coat, making it a double zipper, the first layer has no down in it. They also made a set of silicon grippers at the shoulder level.

The outer layer can still be zipped, over the top.

"Because then the chest clip is hidden," said Autard. "Then the kid doesn't, you know, play with it."

I took the coat home and put it to the test on my two-year-old. After putting him in the car with his old puffy coat and then without, I found that I had lots of extra room in his straps.

Then, we tried the Road Coat. The straps fit snuggly, but we took the coat off, and the belt hardly had to be adjusted.

The company has done its own testing but hasn't had any sort of parenting or safety endorsement yet.

However, their Facebook video has millions of views, and they say parents are responding. The coat keeps selling out.

"Since we launched the product, we've had tremendous results," said the duo. "We have a lot of people on the waiting list for that product."

The product isn't cheap. It's about $110, but the company hopes it will keep your child safer than the alternatives.

Click here to check out more about the Road Coat.

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