Henrico man charged with child rape; roommate charged with bestiality

Henrico man charged with child rape; roommate charged with bestiality

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Lakeside man is facing charges in Pennsylvania -- including a charge of raping a child -- after authorities say he took part in a child sex ring.

Craig Knox, 35, was living in the 2900 block of Kenwood Avenue when police executed a search warrant this week for child pornography and crimes against nature.

His roommate Stephen M. Taylor was also arrested and faces charges of bestiality and animal abuse in Henrico.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office says Knox, 35, was arraigned on the charges stemming from the alleged assaults that occurred in 2010 in Luzerne County. Prosecutors says Knox raped a 9-year-old boy after another man, David Parker, brought the child to Knox's Pennsylvania home. The reports says both men sexually abused the child.

He is now back in Pennsylvania where authorities say he allegedly raped a young boy and was part of a child sex ring.

"I came to the door and I saw a mass of police and other vehicles with blue lights all they way from Impala up past my tree there," says neighbor Debra Kendall. "I heard them break the door in and I heard the young man Matt (Stephen Taylor) yell at his roommate, 'What have you done?' That was Craig."

A few days later, Henrico police arrested Taylor. According to a warrant, Taylor and Knox talked about having sexual contact with dogs. It says devices showed Taylor sexually abusing a dog and one of the eight Rottweilers at the home had serious injuries. Court documents say the alleged abuse by Taylor started three years ago.

"It's appalling to me. Just appalling," says Kendall who talked to Taylor a few days before his arrest. "When I talked to (him) he said he was going out to his mom and dad's for a while because he was so upset. Then a week later, I'm watching the news and I see him on the TV and I just freaked."

Richmond SCAN or Stop Child Abuse Now says when it comes to children who are abused, the easiest sign to tell if something is wrong is if there is a sudden change in a child's behavior.

Both Knox and Taylor remain in jail. Knox is due back in court in Pennsylvania on November 30th. Taylor is due back in court in December.

Below is the full press release from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office about Knox's charges:

HARRISBURG — Attorney General Bruce R. Beemer today announced the Office of Attorney General's Child Predator Section has filed felony criminal charges against a Virginia man in connection with his alleged sexual assault of a 9-year-old boy.

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