Neighbors angry after illegal tire dumping resumes

Neighbors angry after illegal tire dumping resumes

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The tires are back, and as you can expect, South Richmond neighbors are furious.

A few weeks ago, the city sent in four dump trucks and a big crane and hauled away more than 450 dumped tires. Now On Your Side Investigator Diane Walker revisits the area - to find the same location is over run again.

That location stayed clean for almost three weeks and slowly a few tires dumped one weekend grew to a huge unsightly mess. It's gotten everyone fired up.

"This had to come from a local body shop," said Pastor Preston Gainer, who's fighting illegal tire dumping. "I just can't believe someone would be this bold. The tires were bad enough. Then to see these body parts, fenders and front ends dumped here, that is very bold."

Disgusted is how neighbors are feeling right now. No one thought the Oct. 27 city clean up that hauled away 450 tires from this illegal dump site was a permanent solution, but they certainly did not expect the perpetrators to dump again so soon and like this.

"They upped their game, so now I guess the community has to up our game as well," said neighbor Joseph McGhee.

Neighbors believe the criminals did this to taunt them for putting their illegal activity on blast and on the radar of police and city inspectors.

"Sort of like 'catch me if you can.' They come out here. We don't know what time of night it is. But we're going to try to do something. I'm going to have a meeting tomorrow at my church," said Pastor Gainer.

It's frustrating for everyone, but these neighbors are resolved to working together and developing a plan with law enforcement to not just stop it but to prosecute and hold individuals responsible.

"If we have to set up some sort of surveillance and camp out and see what transpires during the night down here to find out what shop is the perpetrator. Somebody has to be accountable. If I had my way, I would say within a half mile radius of all these tires shops, if there's a fine levied they all should pay," said Pastor Gainer.

Others are also looking at things they can do, like lighting up the area and making it less secluded.

Ali Abri says he's willing to cut down vegetation.

"Cut this section all the way across so that it's a clear view from the street so that they cannot come here again and do that. That's one solution. I can do that little by little," said Abri.

The city says it will visit this latest pile Wednesday and inspect the car parts, looking for evidence to tie the pile to the business that's the source.

"This is a house of worship. It's not designed to be sitting in the midst of all this trash and garbage. It shows no respect for our community," said Pastor Gainer.

Several strategies are being discussed. Residents, police, and the city want the people responsible caught, charged and made an example of, so they're getting busy trying to identify who's doing it.

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