Police identify 12 arrested during protests on Richmond highways

Police identify 12 arrested during protests on Richmond highways

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia State Police have identified the 10 people arrested after protests in Richmond late Wednesday night that shutdown I-195. Richmond Police also identified two people they arrested on the Downtown Expressway.

The arrested are:

  • Mackenzie A. Werner, 21
  • Michael D. Stough Jr., 20
  • Madeline C. Lewis, 20
  • Sarah Jacqueline Camden, 25 (aka) Sawyer Jackson Camden
  • Madeline L. McElgunn, 19
  • Joseph Gerard Forcier, 20
  • Trevor A. Clarkson, 20
  • Briana M. Collazo, 26
  • Gregory Robinson, 22
  • Sofia R. Bugge, 23
  • Haley A. Reynolds, 22
  • Tion D. Edmonds, 18

Nine of those arrested were either VCU students, or had attended the university.

The protests came in response to the election of Donald Trump. Hundreds of protesters marched from Monroe Park, down Broad Street, and onto the Downtown Expressway.

"I think the majority of us...we were just really upset and in the heat of the moment," said protester Cam Warthan.

"I think at this point, it's more of showing other people that it's okay to be angry with this, and showing that we're here for everybody," said another protester Lauryn Williams.

Crews are also cleaning up vandalism to the state Republican headquarters, and three Confederate statues on Monument Avenue. It'll take about two days to remove the paint on the Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Matthew Fontaine Maury statues. The words "Your vote is a hate crime" were spray painted across the statues.

"There were definitely protesters saying not to do that. We don't want to damage anyone's property. This is a peaceful protest. That was the main emphasis," said Warthan.

The Republican headquarters on Grace street had a pumpkin thrown at it. No glass was shattered, but a doorbell was ripped off. An anarchist symbol was left on the door, along with a clear footprint.

Richmond's protest was matched by several across the country, drawing criticism from those who believe the unrest and hazard created is not the way democracy should work.

"I'm dismayed, saddened that people are resorting to violence and destruction of property and blocking roads, and illegal activities," said Ron Hedlund, a Donald Trump supporter. "We'll have to heal. There's obviously some very upset people. But I think most of it is organized agitation."

Nick Booth, another Trump supporter, followed the crowds and says he was rushed by a protester.
"We were sucker punched, and they were throwing things at us. They were saying F-you. F-Donald Trump," said Booth.

The Democratic Party of Virginia is supporting a GoFundMe page to raise money to repair the Republican headquarters. The Republican
Party of Virginia says they should donate the money to charity, instead.

State Police say a group of 100 to 150 protesters walked onto I-195 around 11:39 p.m. and sat down, blocking travel lanes. Police tried to get the group to disperse, but they refused. Police arrested 10 protesters and charged them with unlawful assembly and for being pedestrians on an interstate.

Richmond Police also arrested two people on the Downtown Expressway near Second Avenue.

Protesters had blocked off part of I-95S earlier in the evening. Police were able to get them to disperse without making any arrests.

During the protests, several roads in Richmond were shut down. The Republican HQ in downtown Richmond and several monuments were vandalized.

NBC12's Mike Valerio and his photographer were also attacked by one of the protesters during live coverage.

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