RESTAURANT REPORT: Insect legs on taco shells

RESTAURANT REPORT: Insect legs on taco shells

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Insect legs on taco shells.  And that's not all a health inspector found in a Mexican restaurant in Henrico.

The report also shows a drain fly in the lettuce, several live roaches on a wall and the floor, and many drain flies throughout the establishment.  But we learned a new manager just took over and got it all cleaned up.

It happened at Plaza Del Rey at 3641 Cox Road in Henrico.  The report shows 6 priority violations, plus 4 priority foundation, and 2 core violations.  We went over and learned a new manager was hired right after that inspection.

Said manager Magee Bays, "We brought the pest control in and he told us what the issues were.  I'm new and I'm walking through with him to try to figure these things out.   It's basic cleaning."

The inspector returned twice to check up.  The reports show the pests were gone and kitchen cleanliness has improved.

Said Bays, "We've gotten it taken care of, completely controlled now, and it's much better, much more clean.  We don't see bugs anywhere."

The report still showed a prep unit was not keeping food cold enough, but a repairman had been called.  The manager says patrons can count on everything  being clean under her watch.

"I'm a very clean person, so the cleanliness, it's picky.  I'm picky about it.  So whatever she told me we needed to get done, I just got it done as fast as we could," she told us.

Up next, Nisa Thai Cuisine at 118 South Belvidere in Richmond.  It had 3 priority violations, plus 1 priority foundation, including that some tofu was not being kept cold enough, and the amount of time sushi rice was sitting out was not being tracked.  But all violations were corrected on the spot.

We gave our Hall of Fame award to PQ's BBQ catering.

Owners Terry and Pat Quann closed their popular restaurant a few years ago, telling us, "We wanted to spend more time with the grandchildren, so it was just time to do that.  It was time.  We knew it was just time."

But PQ's BBQ catering still serves thousands at special events in multiple locations at once.

Said Terry Quann, "Trying to keep the temperatures properly regulated at all those different locations, that's a job.  But we do well with it.  I think the Health Department is pleased."

PQ's has aced all 12 inspections they've had over the last three years.

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