Man protests in 48 states in 48 days

Man protests in 48 states in 48 days

(WWBT) - A Massachusetts native embarked on a 48-day journey across the contiguous United States to inform citizens about the potential effects of a country under Donald Trump.

"I came up with the idea to try to go to other states (a few weeks ago) and I counted the days until the election," Charlie Adler, of Attleboro, MA, told USA Today. "There were 48 days remaining so I decided to try to do 48 states in 48 days."

Adler made a stop at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond Saturday. According to USA Today, he carries a white sheet of foam core embellished with the words, "For our country's sake Don't hire this man" and a photo of Trump.

Adler said he was concerned about Trump's ideas for making "America great again."

He said he considered spreading his concerns in his hometown but decided to make a difference by visiting states that tend to vote Republican.

On Sept. 22, he hopped in his car and drove off to Providence, Rhode Island and Boston.

He outlined a route using Google Maps and makes two-hour stops in each state, and his trip was over 13,000 miles.

Some have supported him on his journey, but Adler says he has dealt several who oppose his views.

"I've had a few interactions where I note a sense of hostility so I try to treat those people with kid gloves," Adler said. "But in general I'm more interested in the 'why's' of people who say they're supporting Trump than I am of people who are supporting Hillary Clinton."

He said some people refer Hillary Clinton as a "crook" but often use more derogatory language.

From Richmond, he will stop in Annapolis, MD and Dover, DE on Sunday, Trenton, N.J. on Monday, and Hartford, CT on Tuesday.

Head to his website for more information.

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