Woman calls 12 after waiting months for renewed ID card from DMV

Woman calls 12 after waiting months for renewed ID card from DMV

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Sierra Blow is aggravated because she's been trying to get a renewed ID card since the beginning of August. That's after she moved, filed a change of address with the postal service and then went to DMV to get a renewed ID.

What she was supposed to received in seven to 10 days still hasn't arrived in nearly three months.

"Can't get my paychecks, can't cash my checks, pretty much you need your ID for everything," Blow said. "It's just a frustrating situation to deal with."

In the interim, she says she's gotten what feels like a run around, lifting the forwarding order on file with the postal service, changing the address on file with DMV.

"Pretty much going the back and forth to DMV to the post office," Blow said. "They told me to change my address several times, I did it, nothing still had came."

She received a postcard card four or five times explaining that her ID card could not be delivered because of a forwarding order on file.

12 On Your Side investigated a similar story a few weeks ago with O'Donna Conway from Amelia. Her driver's license had been returned to DMV six times for the same reason. We worked with DMV to get her license to her.

Officials told me Conway's situation was unique, but Blow said not so. She saw that story and reached out to 12 On Your Side hoping for a similar result.

I jumped on the case and officials are now working directly with Blow to get her ID to her. But once again, I pressed for answers on what seemed like a bigger issue of licenses or IDs being held up when a forward order is in place.

"I think it's an unresolved issue. If I am the second or third, who knows how many other people deal with this issue," Blow said.

Postal service officials advised me that DMV will not forward drivers licenses or ID cards, even if an official forward or change of address has been filed with the post office.

DMV officials say that's true and that DMV has to have the latest address on file so that those documents can be sent directly to the recipient without being forwarded. It's part of DMV's enhanced security process.

While officials would not give me specifics on either O'Donna Conway or Sierra Blow's situation, they stressed that a customer's current address must be on file with both the DMV and the Postal Service, or there may be problems receiving these important documents.

Blow hopes her issue is resolved soon and she encourages others who've had similar trouble to come forward.

"So just let it be known because it's going to be a repeat situation," Blow said.

On Wednesday, Blow called to say she did receive the state ID she's been waiting months for....thanks to 12 OYS.

Anyone who needs to update their information with DMV can do so by going to dmvNOW.com.

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