NBC12 viewer answers woman's call for help with dangerous tree

NBC12 viewer answers woman's call for help with dangerous tree

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) - Just a week ago, a Chesterfield mother called 12 because a neighbor's tree was leaning dangerously close to her home.

Because the tree isn't on her property, she was out of options and worried about her children's safety.

Rebecca Thompson says she lived in fear that a huge tree, leaning over her home, would come down and crush her and her kids inside.

NBC12 put her story out there, and a viewer answered the call.

Timothy Nunnally with Nunnally's Tree Service in Midlothian says he saw the story with Thompson a week ago. Nunnally says he's had a good year and felt fortunate for that, so he wanted to help out.

They got a hold of the property owner, who gave the green light to take the tree down.

Thompson says she couldn't be more relieved and she's "overwhelmed how quick he responded, and he wanted to help and he's been checking on us on almost a daily basis to see if we're doing okay. It's overwhelming how great he's been."

"A lot of people have taken a chance on us," said Nunnally. "Ya know, we're not a big company, we don't have a bunch of trucks, and a bunch of equipment and everything, but we do a good job. And I just saw this as opportunity to give a little bit of that back for everybody's that's taken a chance on us this year."

Nunnally says he offered to do the work for free but says Thompson insisted on paying for part of it as thanks for his kindness and quick response.

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