6 must-see moments from the ChamberRVA Mayoral Debate

6 must-see moments from the ChamberRVA Mayoral Debate

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Monday night's ChamberRVA Richmond Mayoral Debate covered a lot of ground in just 60 minutes.

In case you missed the only live, televised debate of the race, here are six moments worth watching.

1) Joe Morrissey addresses his relationship with his wife, Myrna, and Michelle Mosby responds.

It was the first question and perhaps the most memorable of the night with Morrissey saying he and his wife are very, very happy in response to a recent Mosby attack ad. Then Mosby responded saying Morrissey would be in jail if he was an African-American man.

2) Jack Berry praises news of progress in a stadium near the Boulevard.

This was notable not just for Berry's effusive "Hallelujah!" but also for the way Jon Baliles and Levar Stoney pointed out Berry's fervent cheerleading for a Shockoe ballpark even after Mayor Dwight Jones had dropped the proposal.

3) Levar Stoney deflects questions about honesty

Stoney admitted once again that he wasn't truthful when initially questioned by police about a tire-slashing incident when he was in his early-20s, but quickly redirected the question by calling out Jack Berry and Joe Morrissey.

4) Jon Baliles defends the Stone Brewing deal 

Jon Baliles said the Stone Brewing deal would pay off in the long run, but called out the current administration for failing to support Hardywood and other local breweries. Morrissey jumped in to say the deal was bad business, even bringing up the old Sixth Street Marketplace.

5) Michelle Mosby says she has learned from her bankruptcies

Mosby didn't shy away from talk of her two bankruptcy filings but said she has recovered and gave several examples of why she should now be trusted with the city's purse strings.

6) Stoney calls out Morrissey's legislative record

It may have been the most combative moment of the night, if not the most revealing. Stoney called out Morrissey for failing to bring home money to Richmond classrooms while serving on the education committee in the House of Delegates.

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