Driver says auto spa ripped off minivan roof rack

Driver says auto spa ripped off minivan roof rack

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tim Klabunde showed 12 On Your Side the part of the roof rack that was ripped off of his Town and Country minivan back in August when it went through the bay at Dave's Auto Spa on Hull Street.

"You can see on the opposite side where they ripped off those screw pieces are no longer there," said Klabunde holding the the cross bar in his hand.

He and his family had just left church when he decided to get the car cleaned.

"If you've ever had little kids, you know that they desperately want to stare from the windows and watch the cars that go through," said Klabunde.

And that's what his children were doing...when one of them spotted something unusual.

"My middle son quickly yelled out that the roof rack had just come off, they stopped the car wash," Klabunde said. "It made it almost all the way through, but there's a brush that comes down and scrapes off the top of the car and as it was going down, it ripped up the entire roof rack."

The mishap left deep dents in the roof of his minivan and a scratch on the side.

Klabunde says workers were apologetic and had him fill out an incident report on the spot. Then they told him someone would be calling within a week.

Weeks later, even after Klabunde had called back several times, he still hadn't heard from the car wash. That's why he reached out to 12 On Your Side.

"Because I figured if I was having this problem, I'm probably not the first one to have this problem," Klabunde said. "If there's some reason they don't want to connect with us or don't want to work with us through the problem, talk to me about it, just don't be a completely closed book."

I called a representative for Dave's Auto Spa and explained the situation. She told me that there is a process in place to handle such incidents and assured me it's usually much smoother than this.

Within hours, car wash management called Klabunde, apologized for the lack of communication and told him that the damage claim of about $800 would be paid.

"Thank you, Eric Philips. I truly would not have been able to get this taken care of without you," Klabunde said. "Thanks so much to NBC12 and everything you guys are doing to watch out for all of us inside the community."

Dave's Auto Spa Management tells 12 On Your Side a check is already in the mail headed to Tim Klabunde.

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