More Bang for Your Buck: Nabbing delicious Halloween candy for less

More Bang for Your Buck: Nabbing delicious Halloween candy for less

(WWBT) - The scariest part of Halloween may be just how much we spend on all that candy!

Figures put the total at more than $2 billion every year!

From Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, to Snickers, Kit Kats and Twix, all these are coveted candies in homes and for the generous people who hand it out, here are several ways to bring down the cost.

Everyone's getting amped for Halloween and now is the ideal time to buy. Prices don't tend to go much lower than they are right now.

If you buy a lot of candy, this is one of those times to go to your warehouse club instead of shopping online. Costo has huge pallets of name-bandy candy. The outer wrap says "Kirkland," but inside, there are 150 pieces of the good stuff!

At $13.99, or nine cents per piece, that's a decent price! And that's half the price of the exact same item on Amazon.

How about those bags you see in stores?

All those bags have coupons that bring down the price. Some of those coupons can be found in your Sunday circulars or you can print them online. During our search, we discovered a $1 off two bags of Mars chocolates coupon on the website You can get two prints per IP address.

If you have a wireless printer and a smartphone, you can print more of them.

Sometimes, you can get lucky and find coupons on the product itself, such as the $2 off of two peelies we found at Kroger that matched well with a current sale at the store.

You want to pay attention to those sales because, when the smaller bags go down in price, the larger bags can be less of a bargain.

With the peelie coupon and the mega-sale at Kroger, the small bags are only $1, with the label saying there were approximately 19 servings of Twix bars in the bag.

If creeping hands tend to snag candy before the holiday, you may want to hold off to avoid spending more money to replace it.

If you find you're the one sneaking them, trying buying candy you don't care for – if there is even such a thing!

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