‘Clown Lives Matter’ event created to show clowns aren’t ‘psycho killers’

‘Clown Lives Matter’ event created to show clowns aren’t ‘psycho killers’

(WWBT) - As the headlines have been dominated with clown sightings and social media accounts scaring users, one group of clowns has organized an event with hopes of quell fears people may have.

In a report from NBC affiliate KVOA, a Facebook post says the "peace walk" in Tuscon, Arizona is designed to show real show real clowns are not the "psycho killers" they are being portrayed as in social media posts and sightings, some real and some imagined, that have spread fear across the country.

Event organizer Nikki Sinn said naming the march, "Clown Lives Matter," is not meant to offend any other group. She said her main purpose is to bring awareness to the fact some people make a real living dressing up as clowns.

"There is a lot of people who live their everyday lives like this and they are getting death threats." said Sinn. "We're just going to gather together and walk peacefully and pass out balloon animals and fliers and give out free hugs."

Catherine Brooks, Director at the University of Arizona's Center for Digital Society and Data Studies, said the internet frenzy, including hoaxes, can pose a real danger to the public.

"There are people that are really afraid of clowns," said Brooks. "Clowns are odd, they are a little scary for some, some people may be sharing that material out of fear and may not realize it is a hoax and that it's actually dangerous to propagate that material."

Attendees are invited to show up wearing full clown makeup or masks.

In light of the recent headlines, renowned author Stephen King, writer of the horror novel "It," which involves a terrifying clown in its own right, asked people to cool it with all the scary clown incidents.

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