RESTAURANT REPORT: Inspectors had to check Chesterfield restaurant 7 times in 4 months

RESTAURANT REPORT: Inspectors had to check Chesterfield restaurant 7 times in 4 months

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The inspection report for a Chinese restaurant in Chesterfield is thick.

Health inspectors went there seven times in the last four months to deal with what they say was a roach problem, a cleaning problem and coolers that weren't working properly.

Here's the timeline of inspections to bring the restaurant into compliance:

June 30: Chan's Asia Bistro at 7060 Commons Plaza had five critical violations, plus seven non-critical. The inspection report says there were live roaches along the cook line and in the dish racks. It says a cooler had been turned off for two to three hours with food in it, and extensive cleaning was needed to remove grease build ups and food debris.

July 8: When the inspector returned, the follow-up report says the cooler still wasn't fixed, and the roach problem was more evident. Chan's was told to submit a Risk Control Plan.

July 11: Pest control was scheduled and the coolers had been serviced, but were still not working right, the report said.

July 12: The inspector put Chan's on notice -- one week to do all deep cleaning.

July 18: The report says significant cleaning had been done. But Chan's was told to submit a cleaning schedule to the Health Department.

August 2: It says Chan's turned in a cleaning schedule and there was significant progress on the roach issue, but more cleaning was still needed.

September 22: The report says the roach problem was corrected.

We went to the restaurant to ask the manager what had been done to resolve the on-going issues.

She said the owner, Jason Chan, wasn't there at the time, but NBC12 was able to speak with him on the phone.

Chan said they hired a new pest control service, have a new cleaning schedule, and repaired the coolers. He adds he is getting ServSafe Certified training himself to make sure things will be done right.

So why did Chan's get so many chances to clean things up? When asked, Chesterfield's head inspector said Chan's always showed that they were trying to fix the problems.

NBC12 asked how the restaurant is doing now. He said Chan's Asia Bistro is currently in compliance.

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