RVA Parenting: Richmond family converts bus, takes business of giving on the road

RVA Parenting: Richmond family converts bus, takes business of giving on the road

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Imagine…living with your six kids in a converted school bus while you travel the country and give away free clothes.

Well, that's just business for one Richmond Family.

Baby is a company run by busy Richmond mom, Kathryn Wiley. She sells children's clothes and slings through her company Rockin' Baby, but Wiley follows the one for one motto, like the well-known shoe brand Toms, which is when someone buys one of her products, she gives one away.

"I love the idea that the more you buy, the more you can give," Wiley said. "I think that using capitalism to make a difference is amazing."

She had donated the company's products around the world, including in Haiti and Uganda. This summer, she made it a family project to give domestically.

The Wiley family converted a school bus into a home and hit the road for a Rockin' Baby giving spree as mom, dad and all six kids spent about three weeks on the bus.

"Being able to give to all those people that didn't have anything… just seeing their expressions was priceless," said Wiley's son, Abel.

The family donated clothes to domestic violence survivors and their children. Free clothes to families in many cases, with nothing.

"The women and children that needed this, they really needed it," said Matthew Wiley, Kathryn's husband.

We asked Kathryn Wiley to talk to us about the experience, she told us about one mother that really stood out to her.

"She was following me around all over. She says, 'You have no idea. My children had nothing new and they're asking me, 'Mama, can I keep these clothes? Can I keep this? I really, really want to keep these clothes.''"

The company is committed to giving back, but Wiley says the experience was a special time to spend with family.

"They understand social responsibility because of what mama does," said Wiley. "Because of mama's company, they understand that we give and we give responsibly and we give generously and we spend our lives trying to help others."

"I feel like I learned a lot," said Abel.

And the family says the small living space wasn't all bad either. They enjoyed the time together.

You can buy Rockin' Baby products online. The company plans to donate in Richmond shortly.

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