Man finds cash envelope with over $1,500 inside

Man finds cash envelope with over $1,500 inside

NORFOLK, VA (WWBT/WVEC) - An 18-year-old Norfolk man was working at a grocery store when he found an envelope filled with cash inside of his store's bathroom.

The envelope had $1,700 inside, according to WVEC.

"It went through my mind like anybody would. Should I take it? Should I turn it in?" Hunter Martin told WVEC.

Martin decided to listen to his conscience.

"My better judgment, I decided to turn it in... it was the way I was raised, and it wasn't my money to take and it was just the right thing to do," said Martin.

The person called the store to report the lost money, and in return, that person rewarded Martin with $100.

Martin says he would donate the money to his church.

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