Businesses come together for RVA couple targeted by door-to-door solicitors

Businesses come together for RVA couple targeted by door-to-door solicitors

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Problem solved for an elderly couple who believed they would lose their home if they didn't buy a new roof.

That kind of thinking nearly made them victims of aggressive door-to-door solicitors. We got them straight with the solicitors, but they still needed a roof. Fortunately, a contractor saw our report and offered to help.

Savoy Properties' owner Bill Pangburn led the effort the help the Rogers.

He and several companies donated supplies, labor, time and money and gave the Vietnam Vet and his wife a new roof plus other home improvements they didn't even expect.

The Rogers endured about a day's worth of rapping and tapping as roofers with Advanced Home Exteriors pulled off two layers of old shingles and hammered in place the new roof.

Lowe's Home Improvement along Hull Street Road donated all of the materials. Claire Rogers is glad she called 12 On Your Side.

"It just looked so bad," Claire remarked. "Every time we had a storm, wind, rain, I had to rake shingles up out of the yard and I won't have to do that anymore."

For the Rogers, it seems to make everything right in the world.

"I was embarrassed about the roof. But, I'm not going to be embarrassed anymore," she continued.

Words simply can't express her gratitude for the generosity the community showed them.

Ernie's Tree Service removed a tree from their yard, Snap Home Improvements power washed their home and their HVAC system is getting a checkup from Capitol City Heating and Cooling.

In addition to all that, Savoy Properties, the general contractor on the volunteer project, plans to build a ramp for Herman Rogers.

"He's a Vietnam vet, coast guard and he helped build half of Brandermill. He's basically confined to a wheelchair now," Pangburn explained. His specialty is historic restoration.

He says he had the means and just had to help after seeing the prices others wanted to charge them.

"My heart went out to them. That's it," Pangburn remarked. "The community has been very good to me through the years. The least I can do especially one of our veterans is to help him out."

And the cost to the Rogers?

I'm part Irish so I equate everything to some kind of liquor. I told them to get me a 12 pack of Legers Brown," Pangburn joked.

"That's a good enough deal. Contract done," Claire replied.

The work comes with a full warranty and lasting friendship after a desperate plea for help is answered by several companies.

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