Amelia woman turns to 12 On Your Side after mail issue delays driver’s license

Amelia woman turns to 12 On Your Side after mail issue delays driver’s license

AMELIA, VA (WWBT) - It has been a long road for O'Donna Conway and it has taken a lot of work to get to something as simple as an updated driver's license.

"I think if 12 On Your Side had not stepped in, I would still be waiting," Conway remarked.

Her husband passed away late last year, which led to her moving from Montrose to Amelia.

"I went to the post office a day or two before I moved and filled out a change of address form," she explained. "I thought everything was gonna be fine."

Following her move, she went to the Department of Motor Vehicles office to have her address changed on her license, filling out the appropriate paperwork and receiving her temporary license.

Conway said she was told her permanent license would be mailed to her, which is where the problems began.

"I keep calling and asking where it is," she recalled. "They say it was returned and they send it out again and then it gets returned again. DMV returned my driver's license six times."

She received a post card from the DMV, saying her license had been returned and suggested the problem may be her forwarding order.

"And you change your address, so that you can get your mail and then you don't get the mail and it's returned to the sender…it's very frustrating," Conway said.

She adds that DMV officials told her they could not give her the license in person, saying that it had to be mailed, even thought it was consistently being returned to them. They even suggested she lift the change of address order so the mail may get through.

Frustrated, Conway reached out to 12 On Your Side.

"It's like a catch-22," Conway said.  "Here you want your mail delivered and, I can understand them not wanting to deliver it to a place where you may have requested a change of address and it's not you, I can understand that. But it's just a vicious circle that you're going into."

After contacting the United States Postal Service, things began to happen. Officials from the U.S.P.S. then reached out to the Virginia DMV.

"You called me on the 23rd of August to confirm my address and on the 24th of August I got overnight mail with my license in it," Conway said.  "Which they could do nothing to help me when I requested different things.  But you certainly got the ball rolling."

After resolving Conway's issue, the question lingered if others could be affected by this problem. Officials with the post office said Conway's situation was unique, adding they "will continue to work with DMV officials to find the root cause of the problem."

According to DMV officials, they don't think the change of address order was the cause of the problem and they are still working to figure out what it was.

As for Conway, she's just glad for the happy ending.

DMV officials say they are following up with the Postal Service to go over relevant policies so this type of situation does not happen again.

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