At least six creepy clown sightings reported in Central VA overnight

At least six creepy clown sightings reported in Central VA overnight

HENRICO/CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Police across Central Virginia say they've been inundated with calls about creepy clowns lurking in their neighborhoods. There have been at least six reports of creepy clown sightings in Chesterfield throughout the overnight hours Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, some departments say these sightings may be nothing more than a prank.

Henrico police say they've been flooded with calls since Tuesday.

Meanwhile, police in Chesterfield say they've received six phone calls since it got dark. The clowns have been spotted from Woodlake to Midlothian, even near Salem Middle school in Chester.

But police say the sightings and descriptions of these sinister clowns are never consistent. Some were seen wearing a wig. Others were seen wearing masks, which makes officers think some the people reporting seeing the clowns are just pranksters.

Officers say they are trying to investigate each case, but the sheer volume of calls is making that difficult and getting down right frustrating.

However, these clowns have many parents on edge and concerned for their children's safety as at least one of the reported sightings was near a school bus stop.

In Virginia, it is a felony to purposely conceal your face and identity if you're over 16 years old.  A conviction carries up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine.

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