Tracking the Bad Guys: Inside new analytic cameras

Tracking the Bad Guys: Inside new analytic cameras

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - When a bomber struck New York this past weekend, surveillance cameras from local businesses caught the suspect's face.

Police were easily able to identify the man. The cameras out there are only getting better.

Each week NBC12 brings you surveillance footage of thieves breaking into businesses.

One such case is Ameenah Franks, dubbed the "Office Creeper," who was allegedly caught on security camera sneaking into Richmond offices, acting like she belongs, then rifling through desks.

Security cameras are everywhere and many of those cameras are now high tech -- analytic -- and able to do more than just record a picture. They take what's called intelligent video.

"A lot of times we can get the perpetrator before they even enter the facility," said Tim Kinney with Richmond Security, which celebrating 40 years in Central Virginia.

Kinney got together some of the company's vendors to show NBC12 the latest innovations in security.

Inventions like analytic cameras.

"We teach (the camera) how to look. What it's looking for. Whether it's a deer, a human, it ignores the deer, it ignores the dog, but also it will pick up the human," said Kinney.

The cameras are easier to maneuver and the footage is clearer. These cameras can expand the security perimeter of a building and they're designed to catch people before they ever get inside.

"We're able to detect the human beings that are walking in the scene," said Steve Robinson with Avigilon. "Our cameras have the ability to detect a human being in a zone that he's not supposed to be in and alert us to the fact that he's there."

Appearance tracking is the next feature coming soon. For example, that will be used when a child is lost in the mall. The cameras can pick out the child based on the color of his clothes and track him through the video over multiple cameras.

One day your fingerprints might be the only way to get through the front door of your office.

Bosch Security Systems now has a way you can control the locking of your workplace doors remotely. You can even activate alarms.

Virtual receptionists are also growing in popularity. That's when you have a camera on the front door of your office -- connected to your desk phone. All new ways many employers are trying to keep employees safer.

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