Henrico man claims Samsung phone burned his hand

Henrico man claims Samsung phone burned his hand

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Samsung is taking heat and dealing with a recall for its Galaxy Note 7 because of exploding batteries. One Henrico man is asking: should Samsung consider the possibility that some of its other models might catch fire and cause injuries?

Steven Hall says he suffered second degree burns when his Galaxy 6 caught fire in his hand.

Samsung says, "Consumer safety is Samsung's highest priority. We are aware of Mr. Hall's experience, are conducting a thorough investigation into his experience and have reached out to him to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support him."

Hall says he needs them to step up and take care of his expenses, because he doesn't have insurance through his work.

The Galaxy 6 Active smartphone was tossed out the kitchen door and doused with water Saturday, Sept. 10, after Hall says it burst into flames in his hand. He's still nursing blistering from second degrees burns after getting medical treatment at the ER.

"My thumb actually healed up a little bit. Mainly primarily on my palm," said Hall. "So it was extremely red and blisters started popping up and it was covered in I guess smoke dust."

Hall says he alerted Samsung after returning from the hospital and has stayed in touch through calls and messages but now thinks his complaint isn't a priority for the company right now. Hall says he talks to a different person every time, and the majority of his time is spent trying to convince Samsung that his now charred phone is a Galaxy 6 and not the Note 7 under recall for its battery fires.

"The phone exploded in my hand. I told her I had to go to the emergency room. They kept repeatedly asking, 'Was it a seven?' I said 'No. It was a six.'"

His 3-year-old son usually wakes him up and plays with his phone. Hall says it could have been worse. On the day of the fire, Hall grabbed the phone and felt it was hot to the touch and says the screen had turned blue.

Right now, Hall wants his medical expenses paid by Samsung, reimbursement for days lost from work and phone upgrades for both him and his wife. He also has concerns about his wife's Galaxy 5 and says it overheats and doesn't charge.

He says both phones are practically new. They bought them January 2016.

"I'm lucky how it played out, because I could have been on the phone and it went off by my face," said Hall. "The one scenario I'm grateful for, my son didn't have a hold of my phone, because if it happened to him, this would be a whole lot different conversation."

About 30 minutes before 12 Investigators aired this story, Hall says Samsung called him, said his situation is a special case and verbally agreed to meet all his demands.

Samsung's emailed statement to 12 Investigators also says. "We take any reported incident seriously and reach out to affected customers to investigate the unique circumstances that may have led to the exceptionally rare occurrence. Anyone with a product question or concern should contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG."

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