Loved ones grieve for well-loved neighborhood man shot on lawnmower

Loved ones grieve for well-loved neighborhood man shot on lawnmower

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Family and friends of a well-loved man in South Richmond are trying to make sense of why he was shot and killed on his lawnmower on Monday night.

Friends say the victim, Jimmy Bishop, often visited businesses along Jefferson Davis Highway. Bishop also spent his final moments at a convenience store, where he was seeking help for his gunshot wound. Loved ones say they're in disbelief that anyone would harm such a gentle person.

Richmond Police say Bishop was shot on the 37000 block of Castlewood Avenue. He then rode his lawnmower to the Grab-N-Go convenience store, where an officer helped him. Bishop later died from his injuries in the hospital.

Friends say Bishop would ride the stretch of Jefferson Davis Highway each day, visiting businesses, chatting with friends, or trimming lawns for extra money.

"He was friendly to everybody. Everybody knew him," said Charles Ruckman, the victim's friend.

Those who knew Bishop say he had cognitive setbacks, and wasn't able to read or write. However, Bishop always had a helping hand to lend, even doing odd jobs at C & P Auto Sales.

"He's a very sweet, giving, kindhearted person. He would do anything for you," said Jennifer Suttler, who shares the same rented home as Bishop.

Bishop's roommates say he called Monday night at 7:30 p.m. to say he was on his way home, after feeding a friend's dog. However, he never made it.

Police say Jimmy was shot on Castlewood Avenue, about a block away from the Grab-N-Go. Surveillance video shows Bishop was able to muster enough strength to reach the convenience store, moments after receiving help from a police officer and other passersby.

Investigators are asking anyone who saw Bishop riding his lawnmower in the area of Castlewood Avenue and Bells Road, near Jefferson Davis Highway, between 8:30 p.m. and 8:50 p.m. Monday night, to call police at 780-1000.

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