Thief makes off with fake money in YMCA heist

Thief makes off with fake money in YMCA heist

(WWBT) - A brazen thief broke into a California YMCA Friday to swipe cash from a register, but he probably didn't get exactly what he was looking for as both the register and the money inside were fake.

In a report shared by NBC affiliate WCMH, the entire incident was captured on the building's security cameras as the thief broke in through the center's ceiling duct work before escaping out the door with plenty of fake cash.

The Indio Police Department says the burglar may have used the same tactics in other break-ins in the area.

"Thieves tend to have specific MOs with stuff that they follow and stuff that they get comfortable with," said Sargent Dan Marshall. "They don't get caught doing it once and they figure, hey, it's a tried and true method and then they stick to it."

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