More Bang for Your Buck: Upcycling everyday items into planters

More Bang for Your Buck: Upcycling everyday items into planters

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Everyone knows the old adage, "One man's trash is another person's treasure."

And that certainly rings true when it comes to planting. The staff at Strange's Nursery created beautiful planters out of what most would see as garbage.

"This is an old chandelier I found at the dump. I gutted all the wiring out. I actually pressure washed it and all this cool inlay work came out of it," explained nursery specialist Kevin Cutlip.

Kevin then attached pots to the original fixtures-this chandelier he found at the dump is now an original hanging planter.

With a little spray paint plus air plants, Spanish moss and philodendron transformed an old clock from dull to stunning. A rusted radio was sanded down painted to create a beautiful zen garden topped with bonsai trees.

"I am not creative at all," joked nursery buyer Jeanine Reynolds, or so she thought. Instead of re-caning her grandfather's rocking chair, Jeannine created an herb garden.

Pinterest was her go-to source for ideas.

"Seeing pictures of things that helped kind of get the juices flowing," Jeannine remarked.

The popular social media platform was the inspiration for a lamp she created, using a hanging basket full of succulents to make the unique piece.

Those same plants grow just fine in an old toaster she picked up from the dump and a heat-treated pallet will grow all of her fall cool crops, such as red lettuce and Swiss chard, among others.

A spider plant is the perfect piece for a U of R-inspired basketball planter. Another unique idea saw an old recipe box now holding chives, fennel, and basil.

If you have an old tool box or mop bucket lying around, you can plant just about anything inside it.

"I found this really old, antique cauldron at a junk shop and it just had so much life to it," Manager Tricia Wherry said.

An assortment of mums and caladium create the look of fire underneath the kettle.

"It probably cost me about $20 to do the whole thing," Tricia said. "I want them to be inspired to walk around and see what we've created and go home and create something on their own."

All of these displays can be seen at Strange's at 12111 West Broad Street.

If you've got an item you want to upcycle into a planter, the staff there can help you with ideas to make your creation grow successfully.

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