HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: benefits of surgery with the DaVinci Robot


The DaVinci Robot allows surgeons to operate from a seated position at a console with eyes and hands in line with the instruments and see a high-definition, 3D view of the target.

In traditional surgeries, the surgeon uses hand-held instruments that don't bend or rotate and they have to look up and away to a see the target on a monitor.

Dr. Lisa West with Johnston-Willis Hospital says the benefits are numerous.
"We can do much more difficult surgeries now with the robot where as in the past we had to make, say a large uterus, we had to make a large incision in order to do the hysterectomy. With the robot to assist, we can now use very tiny incisions to do the surgery.”

Dr. West explains another benefit of surgery utilizing the DaVinci is a easier recovery.

“Instead of women being out for six to eight weeks for a recovery period…we can get patients back to work in two to three weeks."

Johnston-Willis Hospital says it's the first in Virginia to be part of the Robotics Center for Excellence. It had to undergo a rigorous certification process for the status.

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