RESTAURANT REPORT: Employee touched dirty items, then clean items without washing hands

RESTAURANT REPORT: Employee touched dirty items, then clean items without washing hands

(WWBT) - Two restaurants were busted for an employee touching dirty things, then clean dishes and ice, without washing their hands. But both eateries jumped to correct the problems. Here's where it happened in this Restaurant Report.

"I've got the Seafood Bianco here, and this is the Salmon Livornese," said Angel Hernandez, manager of the Pasta House Italian Restaurant.  Those are the dishes the restaurant is known for.

It's also known by the Health Department for earning better inspection scores. So when the restaurant, at 8196 Atlee Road in Mechanicsville, had four priority violations plus three core violations, we went to talk with Hernandez.

Among the issues, the report says an employee cleaned a sink wearing gloves, then handled ice without washing their hands.

"The day the (inspector) came, we had somebody training, and he was not 100 percent on what he was doing. But we trained him to do the right thing," said Hernandez.

The report also says some sliced tomatoes, noodles and leafy greens were not being kept cold enough. The manager said they simply didn't put them back in the fridge to chill long enough. He points out all violations were corrected during the inspection.

"Our reputation at the Pasta House is really high quality food, so that means the standards have to be on top," Hernandez said.

Up next, Shoney's at 12531 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield. It had three priority violations, three priority foundation, and six core violations.

The inspector noted the dishwasher handled dirty dishes, then clean ones without washing his hands.

Fried chicken had to be thrown out because it wasn't kept hot enough. Plus, noodles, melon and tomatoes weren't kept cold enough.

When the inspector returned three days later, all priority violations were corrected, but some foods were again not kept cold enough. The report says that was once again corrected.

We gave our Hall of Fame Award to River City Wood Fire, a food cart serving up wood fired pizza and more. It has aced five health inspections following their motto: "Life is too short to eat bad food."

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