Kindergartener brings 30 packs of heroin to class

Kindergartener brings 30 packs of heroin to class

(WWBT) - What a teacher thought was candy turned out to be something far more dangerous in a New Jersey classroom after a five-year-old brought 30 packets of heroin to school Monday.

According to a report from The Trentonian, authorities say the five-year-old kindergartener was playing with a white packet that his teacher initially thought was a simple candy wrapper.

When the teacher asked the boy to put the packet away, the boy ended up taking it back out again, prompting the instructor to confiscate it. It was then that the teacher realized what the boy was holding.

The Trentonian says when the teacher opened the boy's lunchbox, they found another 29 packets of the drug that has been responsible for overdose deaths around the nation which have dominated the headlines of late.

The boy was taken to a local hospital where he tested negative for opioids, according to police.

The Trentonian reports police are still investigating to determine where the boy got the drugs and, so far, no one has been charged.

The newspaper adds that police officials did not disclose if the boy had been returned to his parents or if detectives have spoken with his parents about the incident.

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