Voters' view of McDonnell corruption case unchanged despite dropped charges

Voters' view of McDonnell corruption case unchanged despite dropped charges

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As the news broke of charges being dropped in the McDonnell case, many voters voiced frustration over the political and justice system.

In the eyes of many voters in Richmond, dropping the charges doesn't change how they see the corruption scandal.

"I think it was corruption because they knew what they doing, they knew the rules before beginning, they know the politicians who paid the price in the end, so they knew this out front and decided to go on with it," expressed Sussin Robinson, who has been following the case closely.

She believes the taxpayers are now the ones paying for the former governor's mistakes. Others believe it is up to the voters to get involved with local and state government to make a change.

"Starting young and being able to spread these issues and talk about it amongst peers is the direction we should be heading towards," suggested Derek Shean, who believes his generation of millennials are not paying enough attention to politics, which may give politicians more room to get away with corruption.

The frustration voters are feeling go far beyond the McDonnell case.

"I think this case highlights what we've seen in the media with the presidential election. You don't hear what want to change, you hear about any type of corruption that may have taken place," explained voter Niurka Monteseran.

Mavis Pang agreed with her, adding, "It is counter-intuitive to what we're taught in school about what our country represents."

Their friends also believe where there is power, there is privilege, when there should be a higher standard.

"I think our justice system has a lot of hoops and loops that are easy for people to jump through when people have power and hard to get anything resolved when you don't have that power," said Monteseran.

Earlier this year, the Associated Press pointed out that the McDonnell case is changing the way politicians in the Commonwealth are accepting and form of gift.

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