HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: changes with childbirth & aging


Women experience a variety of changes with childbirth and aging. Most physical changes occur after menopause and are a result of a drop in estrogen levels. For one, your periods become much less frequent until they stop completely. Other problems include incontinence, dissatisfaction with intimacy due to either pain or numbness, looseness during intimacy or even bowel issues.
Unfortunately, as Dr. Nathan Guerette of Johnston-Willis Hospital explains, many women are uncomfortable talking about it so they just live with their problems when there are treatment options to help.
“We have great new treatments in the office. One is the diVA Laser which is the most sophisticated laser system that there is and it's just a three minute treatment in the office.”
The diVA laser can treat incontinence, tighten the tissues which helps with support issues and it can help alleviate pain with sex.
“It can also help with atrophy changes or lack of estrogen changes all with just a three minute treatment with no recovery."

Other treatments include pelvic floor training and surgery.

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