NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Thank you to all of the Olympic athletes, you made us proud

NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Thank you to all of the Olympic athletes, you made us proud

By: Kym Grinnage email

Two weeks ago I commented on how excited I was to that the Summer Olympic Games had started and I was looking forward to consuming as much Olympics as I could stand. Well, I watched a lot of Olympics and I had the late night hangovers to prove it.

Let's face it, with the constant threat of terrorism, the Zika virus and the uncertainty of Rio being ready for the Games, I believe that Brazil should be very proud of the job they did hosting the Olympics.

I would like to say congratulations and thank you to all of the US and international athletes who showed the world the meaning of a peaceful world community. Not enough credit is given to all of the athletes who participated in the Games and conducted themselves with the utmost dignity and made their countries proud.

Of course, we all know about the lies that Ryan Lochte told all of us, but most unfortunately to his own mother. It is unfortunate that someone who has so much saw the need to color the truth. I can only hope that the punishment of lost reputation and lost endorsements causes him to reflect and grow and come out a better man on the other side. This will not happen by accident; he must decide what type of man he really wants to be. And please, don't call a 32-year-old man a kid.

With pain comes growth and a new understanding of why the truth and only the truth will set you free!

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