12 On Your Side gets results for couple whose van was stolen

12 On Your Side gets results for couple whose van was stolen
The Boyds received calls from Chesterfield Police during our interview at NBC12 (Source: NBC12)
The Boyds received calls from Chesterfield Police during our interview at NBC12 (Source: NBC12)

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A couple's work van is stolen and later found abandoned in Richmond. Then, a communications breakdown caused the van to sit in a tow company's lot for weeks, with no one notifying the owners that their stolen property had been recovered.

You know what happens next - they got slapped with an outrageous storage fee.

12 Investigates helped save a Chesterfield couple $600 without lifting a finger. Our reputation of getting results made the difference.

Denise and Charles Boyd say they called on 12 as a last resort when all their efforts failed. They came to the station, and that's when a last minute call came in solving their problem.

The Boyds say they were mortified to learn in a letter from DMV that Seibert's Towing had put a lien on their stolen work van and that they had to pay $640.00 dollars before the towing company would release the van to them.

"It was a lot of money for us," said Charles Boyd, who called 12 for help. "I have a small business. My business is a one-van operation. I had to rent these vans in order to keep my business going, and it was really a hardship on us."

They did all the right things. They reported it stolen to Chesterfield Police on July 24. The van was recovered in Richmond August 5. They say Richmond Police entered the information in a database, but the van's owner knew nothing of the recovery until August 12.

The Boyds spent $300 renting U-haul trucks to keep their business going while their own work van was raking up fees sitting on a lot because no one told them. That's why they called NBC12, and just as we were setting up for the interview, both their phones started ringing with calls from Chesterfield Police.

"I was told by the Chesterfield Police Department that they were in error," said Charles Boyd. "They took responsibility. They will absorb all the cost that I would have to pay in order to get my automobile back. They apologized, they said they were sorry."

The Boyd's called Seibert's on the spot and was told the fee had been paid. Denise Boyd was elated.

"Hallelujah," Denise Boyd said, while clapping. "We are very very thankful."

NBC12 talked with a Chesterfield detective Tuesday afternoon, who said the Boyds were difficult to reach and the officer was on vacation during the time the van was recovered. Higher ups in the department, he said, still believe they dropped the ball, so the police department did the right thing and paid Seibert's so the Boyds could get back their van.

"It wasn't until we got on the phone and said, 'I'm calling 12 On Your Side,' I think that everybody started getting themselves in gear," said Denise Boyd. "We are very grateful that that happened, but I also think that they should have done something before now."

Mr. Boyd was just as grateful.

"You guys are on point and are ready to help," said Charles Boyd. "You guys are ready to get their back and you see that's what's so outstanding."

If anything more develops with this story, we will be sure to let you know.

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