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Petersburg army vet needs ramp for front porch

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Rowena Carter has lived in her Petersburg home for more than 30 years.  

"I think I'm doing pretty good for my age," Carter said.

But now getting up and down the steps on her front porch has become painfully difficult for this 74-year-old widow and army veteran. It stems from a chronic problem with poor leg circulation and a bad knee.

"Because I put my foot up and that leg doesn't want to bend and start climbing up. It'll just want to maybe flip on its own, I don't depend on it, so most of the time, I'll at least have my cane with me just in case it wants to act up," Carter said.

That's why the former military medic says she needs a ramp, so she won’t have to struggle so hard.

"Because I can go up and down the ramp without having to hang onto the railing to pull myself up," Carter said. "When I go to church, I take the ramp outside because they've got steep steps."

So she knows it would work for her at home only, she doesn't have the resources to do it all herself.  She also doesn't have any children or siblings, and as much as she likes to be independent, she says she could use some help that so far she hasn't found.

"It would make it a lot easier," Carter said.

Especially for someone who plans to spend the rest of her golden years right where she is.

Carter says she could probably contribute something toward the construction of a ramp at her home, but there's no way she could fund it all.

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