RESTAURANT REPORT: Henrico restaurant closes to fix roach infestation

RESTAURANT REPORT: Henrico restaurant closes to fix roach infestation

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico restaurant has been voluntarily shut down for the last couple of weeks after a health inspector reported finding "a roach infestation."  We went to the restaurant to investigate.  We happen to find a health inspector on site at the time, consulting with restaurant employees, who tell us they're working to fix the problem.

It happened at New Catina, a Vietnamese carryout restaurant at 6215 West Broad street in Henrico.  The health inspection report says the owner voluntarily closed the facility on July 11 "until the roach infestation has (been) corrected."

When we visited two weeks later, it was still closed.  We found a health inspector there, consulting with workers inside, who tell us they were cleaning.

"If we failed it, we failed.  You can't argue with that," one employee remarked to NBC12.

The July 11 inspection report says New Catina had seven critical violations, including roaches "crawling on cleaned equipment" and numerous roaches "in the seams of bags of flour used for the bread."

It says there were "live roaches observed on the mixer, ... on shelves, on the floors and walls throughout the facility."

A worker told us the restaurant owner was currently in Vietnam.  We left our contact information and we've tried calling.

"We (are doing) clean up right now, we (are) trying to do it right," the employee told us.  "Before we reopen, we have to do it right."

The owner hasn't gotten back to us yet, but a sign on the door says the restaurant will reopen next week.

The worker echoed that, saying, "When we pass re-inspection."

We spoke by phone with Henrico County's Environmental Health Manager, who oversees restaurant inspections.  Mike Campbell says since the restaurant voluntarily closed, the Health Department is consulting with the restaurant staff on how to eradicate the roaches.

He says New Catina can reopen when it chooses, but will receive a follow-up inspection to make sure the roaches are gone.

We asked the employee if the closure has hurt the business, who responded, "It's hurt, but you have to do it right.  You don't want to hurt the customer."

Campbell says the Health Department doesn't know what caused the infestation.  No roaches were noted on the restaurant's two previous inspections. And no pests were noted on recent inspections of the two adjacent restaurants.

We'll keep you posted on what happens for New Catina.

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