Tim Kaine addresses Virginia delegates, hours before primetime DNC speech

Tim Kaine addresses Virginia delegates, hours before primetime DNC speech

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WWBT) - With vintage Tim Kaine signs held high above the crowd, Virginia's vice presidential pick framed the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as a civil rights issue Wednesday, a narrative Kaine may continue in his primetime address to the Democratic National Convention.

"It's a civil rights election folks," Kaine said during a Virginia Democratic Party breakfast. "Donald Trump uses demeaning and offensive language when he talks about women. Is it too much to ask that someone not offend women every time he opens his mouth?"

Kaine, a former civil rights lawyer who began his practice in Richmond, extended his argument to include Latino voters, a key constituency Democrats hope to win in landslide numbers.

"He talks about Latinos as if they're second class citizens, and we don't have any second class citizens in this country," Kaine said. "That's what this election is about."

The senator's appearance in Philadelphia featured a new secret service presence and motorcade that stopped traffic in the heart of the city.

When asked what he will discuss in his address to the convention Wednesday night, Kaine said he would be full of emotion, but did not disclose specific details.

Instead of laying out his own credentials, Kaine spent most of his time Wednesday morning making the case for Hillary Clinton to Virginia delegates.

"What an opportunity to make history," Kaine said. "It took 144 years after we said all men are created equal that we said women are allowed to vote."

"There will be people who have never been able to see themselves in that office before, and I think that's amazing."

Kaine touted Clinton's experience on the international stage and commitment to NATO, two days after his oldest son deployed to Romania in support of the alliance.

Kaine also suggested Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump may not have paid all his taxes for years, money that could have funded care and programs for veterans.

"That's why he's not releasing his tax return," Kaine said. "If he did, we would see all his tricks and dodges he uses. I guess that's for suckers."

The Democratic vice presidential choice is expected to be the final speaker Wednesday, after President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden address the convention.

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