Kaine to address DNC on Wednesday

Kaine to address DNC on Wednesday

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WWBT) - The story of his rise from Richmond is set to take center stage Wednesday. Senator Tim Kaine will address the DNC, but there is work to be done, with divisions still on display.

Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday, the moment ushered in by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who took the podium.

"I got my best friend about to be president. My great friend about to be president. And I gotta be honest with you. This is gonna be great for Virginia," said McAuliffe.

But the man who founded political prominence in the Commonwealth, now walks into a convention that saw deep divisions on Day 1. It will be Kaine's first major test on the national stage: can he help make peace with Sanders supporters, in the City of Brotherly Love?

It will be his role to help bring the delegates together as the Clinton campaign brands the presidential nominee and VP pick, two progressives who get things done.

"He really is the kind of governor and the kind of Senator who's gotten things done," said Alexsis Rodgers, Virginia Delegate. "He won't run on big ideas they can't deliver."

McAuliffe said he understands the convention catharsis, Sanders supporters running on their candidate's message for months. But the goal now is for Kaine to excite the crowd, with Rodgers waiting for one thing:

"Hearing him speak in Spanish. I studied Spanish at VCU, and I'm really looking forward to him energizing the crowd," said Rodgers.

But there's style, and then there's substance. A case to make for November, with the stakes for Kaine, the highest he's ever known.

"They want to hear action items," said McAuliffe. "'What are you going to do for me?'"

Senator Kaine is promised a prime time spot for Wednesday.

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