RNC Chairman: Kaine is 'window dressing'

RNC Chairman: Kaine is 'window dressing'

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WWBT) - Protesters took a stand for Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia on Monday, converging on City Hall, while RNC Chairman Reince Priebus joined NBC12 for an exclusive conversation, calling out Tim Kaine.

The Republican Party saw a new opportunity to attack Kaine's credentials, seizing the moment of disorder at the DNC. They had some help, from Democrats at their own convention.

It's a revolt, right in the heart of Philadelphia. The email scandal sent protesters to the streets.

"That just confirmed something we already knew - which the election was basically rigged from the start," said Michael Huff, Bernie Sanders supporter.

Sanders supporters with police escorts in tow, determined to be heard, divisions on full display. The march has taken protesters about 20 blocks in the span of a half hour in 95-degree heat.

Their goal was to make it to city hall. They made it, with Republicans taking note.

In a South Philadelphia boxing arena, RNC Chair Reince Priebus met us in the GOP's headquarters for the week.

"We're not stupid enough to put idiotic things like that in an email," said Priebus.

He took aim at Tim Kaine, calling out the gifts and vacations the VP pick took while serving as governor.

"Listen, I think it's pretty shady what Tim Kaine has done," said Priebus. "I mean look, he's the VP nominee, so he has to answer for all of this stuff."

Mike Valerio: "Shady, even though he's disclosed all of that, to a fault?"

Reince Priebus: "I think so. Yeah. I think something's wrong with that."

Kaine's team says all gifts were legal under Virginia law, and there was no corrupt agreement, like the one prosecutors alleged in the overturned conviction of former Governor Bob McDonnell.

Priebus said Kaine won't help or hurt Clinton, calling him "window dressing." The Clinton Campaign clearly disagreed, citing Kaine's fluency in Spanish and connections to Hispanic voters.

Mike Valerio: "Tim Kaine, literally, speaks to the Latino community. How do you do that?"

Reince Priebus: "We do it through a massive Hispanic engagement operation that our party's never seen before."

Hours after his counterpart, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was all but dethroned here at the DNC, Reince Priebus said he hasn't made a decision about whether he wants to keep leading the RNC or what his future past the election will be.

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