Richmond couple to get free new roof thanks to kindhearted contractor

Richmond couple to get free new roof thanks to kindhearted contractor

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Good news for a Richmond couple who had been constantly hounded by solicitors looking for work as a volunteer said he would put a new roof on their home at no charge.

On top of that, they got their deposit back from a company on a contract they should not have signed.

The $500 refund came in the mail yesterday. Both Claire and Herman Rogers were excited about things looking up for them, e-mailing NBC12 On Your Side Investigator Diane Walker a copy just last night.

They had agreed to a nearly $13,000 roof job, broken up into $162 dollar a month payments for 10 years. The company returned their deposit after it couldn't secure financing.

The couple said it was important to get the deposit back.

"Very important because it wasn't really our money. My daughter lend it to us," Claire said. "I was so excited. I was jumping up and down."

Even better was the phone call NBC12 received from a contractor who restores historic homes in Richmond's Church Hill. The company will put a new roof on the Rogers' house plus take care of other home improvement needs they have.

"To have somebody to come out, it's just amazing," Claire said. "It's just it's blowing my mind. I'm so excited to get the new roof. So our house doesn't stand out like a sore thumb."

"We've tried to do things on our own. My husband was a carpenter until he had his back surgery and everything. He can hardly walk now. The back doctor said a couple years he'll probably be paralyzed," she continued.

Claire says the shape of their roof, their age and poor health make them targets. One door-to-door solicitor tried to get them to pay $47,000 for a new roof.

"Elderly people, do not fall for any knock on the door or phone calls," Claire warned.

"I want to thank Channel 12 so much for the progress they made in getting this done for us," she said.

The owner of the company went to the Rogers' home today and the company owner is just as excited as the Rogers, calling them a sweet and deserving couple.

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