RESTAURANT REPORT: Flies and food temperature violations at popular beer house

RESTAURANT REPORT: Flies and food temperature violations at popular beer house

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) - A Midlothian restaurant we gave our Hall of Fame Award to several years ago usually earns better inspection scores.  But this popular place for burgers and beer suddenly had seven critical, plus six non-critical violations on its last health inspection.

So we went over to see what they're doing about it.

Capital Ale House at 13831 Village Place Drive in Midlothian is known for its wide selection of beer and burgers.  Co-owner Chris Holder takes pride in it.

"We have great service, we have a happy staff.  They're not beer snobs, they're passionate about beer," said Holder.

But on their last health inspection, the report says two employees didn't wash their hands after cleaning out a clogged drain and touching their face.

"That was one of our violations, somebody had an itch and scratched their face like that," Holder explained. "That requires a hand-washing afterward."

The inspector also told them to throw out some food that wasn't kept cold enough in a cooler, and wrote that adequate methods were not being used to control flies.

"Fruit flies are a constant battle in the summer," said Holder. "Any time there's sugar, and beer has sugar in it, they love it. We are constantly battling them."

But, the inspector returned ten days later and most violations had been fixed except for two critical.  Holder says they're working on those and always strive to make sure everything is done right.

"All of our managers in the kitchen and in the front of the house are all ServSafe certified," Holder said. "I am a certified proctor and instructor for the National Restaurant Association ServSafe class."

Up next is Toast at 7007 Three Chopt Road in Henrico.  It had four critical, plus six non-critical on its last inspection.

The report says meats in a prep unit were too warm, foods had to be pulled from a salad unit because it was too warm, and waste water from
the soda gun was dripping into the ice bin for drinks.

The follow-up report shows everything was corrected three weeks later except for one critical.

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