Midlothian woman gets results after suffering without a working HVAC system

Midlothian woman gets results after suffering without a working HVAC system

MIDLOTHIAN, VA (WWBT) - Joy Robinson has been sweating at her Midlothian home because of a busted HVAC system.

"I'm really, really, very upset, here it is, the middle of the summer and it's going to get hotter, then it's gonna be cool again," Robinson said.  "See I'm sweating, I'm sweating"

It's been broken for months. In fact, she went through the entire winter with no heat.

"Very frustrating because I work and I come home and I want warmth," Robinson said. "It's was like living in an igloo, I bought three heaters."

She started calling to have her system serviced back in January.  2-10 Home Buyers Warranty sent River City Heating and Air to fix the problem. Five visits later, her system was still not fixed.

"They've been here five times, I have all the five yellow papers here, five times, and you still don't have..I have no heat, I have no air," Robinson said.

In the process, she paid nearly $60, much of it for a new air handler, but, after workers installed it, they told her it was not compatible with the outdoor unit and that a new outdoor unit would cost hundreds more.

"At that point, I ceased," Robinson said.  "I paid $500 plus $75, why am I going to throw $500 at these people and it's not working?  Why would they not know if they put a new one in that it wouldn't be compatible with the old system that's outside?"

She says she could not get any answers from the warranty company or the vendor.

"They put me through, but I can never get to the person I need to get," Robinson said.

That's when Robinson called 12 On Your Side, who reached out to River City Heating and Air.

Management there told said they did not know the parts were not compatible until after they installed the air handler and they understood Robinson's frustration before directing us to reach out to 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.

We did just that to see what could be done about getting a new outdoor unit.  We never heard back from them, but Robinson did.

"They told me it will be replaced they apologized at no cost to me! You guys, you guys made the change," Robinson said.

NBC12 was there Tuesday as workers installed the new unit.

"I can feel the cool at the end of this hot fiery summer. Eric you're like Santa Clause, it's not Christmas but it's Christmas to me," Robinson said.

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