Trump vows to support police at VA Beach campaign stop

Trump vows to support police at VA Beach campaign stop

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WWBT) - Presumptive Republican candidate for president Donald Trump stopped in Virginia Beach on Monday.

Trump claimed to be the "the law-and-order candidate" following the tragedy in Dallas.

It was a dual mission for Donald Trump, not only standing behind the veterans here in Virginia Beach, but days after Dallas, standing behind those who are in blue.

It was a theme of law and order that started not with Donald Trump, but with Chris Christie - a surprise appearance confirmed only minutes in advance. An audition for VP.

"We need to stand behind the men and women in blue in this country," said Gov. Chris Christie.

Trump called himself the law and order candidate, implicitly criticizing the president and openly criticizing thousands protesting across the country.

"It is time for all hostility against law enforcement to end right now," said Trump.

The speech had a common front, of what Trump will do to protect those who protect us?

With Veterans Affairs, Trump pledged any vet with an ID card could visit the doctor of their choice. He also promised a White House hotline where major VA problems would go straight to him.

"I will pick up the phone and fix it myself, believe me," said Trump.

But some veterans, like Brigadier General David McGinnis, say Trump has no credibility - especially after the candidate said Saddam Hussein was a force against terror.

"To the soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq, and the families who lost their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their best friends, Saddam wasn't so good at killing terrorists. He was good at gassing thousands of his own people," said McGinnis.

But Trump still maintains he has more credibility than his Democratic rival.

"Crooked Hillary Clinton is the secretary of the status quo. And corruption will follow wherever she goes," said Trump.

As for Trump's next stop, he's off to Indiana, only days before the Republican National Convention.

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